Soccer Practices Uses Too Much Repetition

Published: 05th August 2009
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Why Do Soccer Practices Use So Much Repetition?

Repetition during practice is crucial in soccer, as it is in many sports. Most soccer drills are repeated at least ten times, and often twenty or more, before a new drill is introduced. All of these drills will also likely be repeated from practice to practice and from season to season. Soccer drills are designed to perfect the fundamental soccer skills, like passing, shooting, and dribbling. Some players may get fed up with all the repetition, but they should know that practicing these basics frees them to focus on strategy during games. Coaches should expect the performance level to increase with repetition. Players who cannot perform a certain move correctly should continue trying until they can do it comfortably. The end goal of repetitive drills is for a player to become so good at a certain skill that he or she can perform it flawlessly and reflexively.

Developing Strength for Soccer

Strength is an important but overlooked area of soccer training. Be sure to implement it in your practices. You do not have to reinvent the wheel; many typical strength training exercises used for any sport will help your soccer game. Weight lifting, sit-ups and push-ups, and in particular all strength exercises for your leg muscles will benefit you in soccer. Soccer also demands certain strength abilities that you can work on specifically. One of the most important attributes a soccer player has on the field is stamina. You can build strength for running by using tools that increase resistance, like parachutes and sleds. Arm strength is especially important for goalies, but it will help any soccer athlete. Weighted balls are available to help you develop your strength. They should not, however, be used for kicking or heading.

Developing Agility for Soccer Games

As you practice increasing your agility, there are lots of exercises that will help you on the soccer field. Start with working on moving around obstacles with the ball. You should practice with a variety of obstacles to work around. Cones, arches, and coaching sticks are all great tools to use. Use several different patterns when you set up these objects. You are not only trying to get around these objects in a faster time, but also using less space. Since you sometimes have to jump over or around an object (such as another player coming in with a sliding kick), you should eventually practice working with hurdles as well. In addition to handling the ball, it is a good idea to work on agility in acquiring the ball. You should practice techniques for trapping a ball, both in a goalie position and as a field player. Reaction balls are great tools for practicing trapping. They move in unpredictable ways, allowing you to focus on agility. Finally, you can also find ways to practice agility and speed with a netted ball.

Practicing Soccer Drills at Home

As with any sport, you must be determined and dedicated to excel. Great soccer player understands the importance of practicing on and off the field. Even if you are an excellent soccer player, there are still areas in which you can improve. Practicing with parents or siblings at home lets you improve your game and develop family relationships at the same time. Even if you only go through drills that your coach has taught you, you will increase your ability on the playing field. Practicing at home also helps make your family interested in the sport. Extend an invitation to your parents to play with you or to come to your games. Your family may even get into the game just by dribbling the ball with you to the soccer field.

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