How to Achieve the Theta Meditation State

Published: 10th August 2009
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Healing meditation is defined as stillness of the mind and letting go of distracting thoughts in order to give way to healing. This is exactly what theta meditation tries to accomplish, and it does so by making use of theta brain waves. In theta meditation, the practitioner tries to alter one"??s brain waves, since every brain wave state is associated with different experiences.

The beta brain waves are associated with active and busy states, making you feel stressed an unable to relax. People being to feel calm when they are at the alpha brain wave state, which is associated with drowsiness. However, people at this level are still awake and conscious.

The theta brain waves are released when a person is at a deep meditation state, or when a person is having lucid dreams. The last brain waves, known as the delta waves, are very rejuvenating, although they are seldom reached by people.

The theta experience can be achieved by being in the theta meditation state. In fact, theta meditation can be used for healing, not just physical ailments but even emotional and mental problems. Theta waves are associated with the subconscious mind, and it is this part of the mind that contains beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are holding you back from recognizing your fullest potential as a person. With the use of theta meditation, these thoughts can be changed instantly, giving way to healing.

Theta meditation has been used to heal relationships, increase the confidence of a person, and even improve a person"??s work performance. The effects are so diverse that even physical ailments are treated by theta healing. Vianna Stibal, the founder of theta healing, has been cured of cancer with the use of theta healing techniques.

One technique used in order to achieve the state of healing meditation is brainwave entrainment. This process enables the participant to fall into the brain wave state of his choice with the use of a stimulus, such as binaural beats and dream machines. This method has been scientifically proven, and even medical health professionals and psychologists are making use of this technique to help treat their clients.

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